Will I Get Married This Year?

Mercury and Jupiter – no applying aspect between the two

Moon and Jupiter – no applying aspect between the two

Mercury/Moon and 7th house cusp – no applying aspect between the two

As there’s no perfection between the querent and the quesited, the marriage will not take place.

Other Thoughts

Venus is screaming at us. It sits on the 7th. It is exalted in Pisces. Lover, someone charming, something beautiful involving a question, decision, communication (Venus rules 3rd). Moon is in the 3rd, reiterating the message. The querent has proposed to his partner. I wonder though where the partner has a lover though? Moon and Mercury are in orb. The querent is feeling emotionally distressed (Moon in Scorpio).

The querent’s concern is clearly on the marriage (Mercury in 7th). Mercury is in Pisces. It is debilitated. It cannot function effectively, think logically. It is not being its true self and nature. The querent is being someone that he is not for this relationship and/or marriage. Mercury moves faster than Jupiter. The querent is the fonder between the two.

The Moon applies by trine to Saturn in 11th in retrograde. Saturn rules separation, divorce, end of something. The message of not getting married this year is reiterated. As Saturn is in retrograde, the news (of not getting married) will be earlier than expected. Saturn is in 11th. A friend may be involved in arriving at the marriage not taking place.


will I get married this year horary
Based on Derek Appleby’s Horary Astrology


No, the marriage did not go ahead. “The querent had proposed marriage but subsequently got ‘cold feet’. The girl concerned approached the querent’s best friend and discussed it with him, and in the end she decided not to accept his proposal.”

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