Saturn Return Charts

You probably know that Saturn returns occur at around 29.5 and 59.5 – 60 years old. But have you cast a saturn return chart, a concept that’s similar to solar and lunar return charts? A Saturn return chart can show the structure and the life that you are building, the support and challenges that you may encounter along the way.

Any chart requires a location. There are different views on the location to use when casting a return chart. Views include using the:

  • place of birth
  • place of residence – this is the view that I subscribe to for solar returns
  • location/place of travel at the time of the return

A Saturn return chart is valid for about 29.5 years. At my first Saturn return,

  • I was in Singapore. Saturn is in the 8th.
  • A few days later, I relocated to work and live in Bermuda. Saturn in the relocated return is in the 2nd house.
  • Now I’m living in Ireland. Saturn in the relocation return is in the 12th house.


Thinking aloud, I started to lay the foundations for the next 29.5 years of my life relating to 8th house matters (Singapore) for 2 weeks, followed by some years on 2nd house matters (Bermuda), and then some years up to now on 12th house matters (Ireland). So, what kind of foundation am I building?!

I’m struggling with the idea that at the Saturn-Saturn conjunction, that’s the new start of my life structure which is supposedly in the 8th/2nd. When transiting Saturn makes a waxing square to natal Square, it’s a testing time relating to the seeds that were planted about 7 years ago. So are those seeds now 8th/2nd or 12th or a mixture of both? If it’s a mixture, it’s almost like I was laying 8th house bricks for 2 weeks, then 2nd house bricks for some years and then 12th house bricks for some years.






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