Consultation chart for Mr Elephant

Another foray into consultation charts. 

Cancer is on the Ascendant. Some possible interpretations include:

  • An emotional time, being on an emotional roller-coaster
  • Greater demands and responsibilities made by home and/or family e.g. taking care of an aged parent, renovations within the house
  • Thinking of building a new or stronger foundation for the future e.g. buy and selling of home, concerns with the farm, restructuring work conditions and relationships
  • Thinking of the past. Might be better off letting go of it to move on

Ascendant ruler is the Moon. Receptive, intuitive, secretive, changeable, or even moody.

Moon is in Aquarius. Moon is in peregrine. It is wandering around. non-committal, rootless, does things based on its agenda and interests.

Moon is on the 8th. Situations that are failing, other people’s money, partner’s money, fear, insecurity or anxiety.

Moon rules the 12th too. According to Olivia Barclay, the person is his own enemy, presumably because the 12th is the house of self-undoing.

Planets within 3 degree orbs: conjunction with South Node. The client may be reliving an old pattern and may have to deal with some unfinished business before he can move on. The old pattern or unfinished business may relate to work, relationships and 8th house matter which was discussed earlier, all of which may be not be processed by the client properly as he may not be seeing things clearly due to the pain. South Node is disposited by Saturn which conjuncts 6th and is combust.  Saturn provides us with further information on Mr Elephant as it disposes the Moon.

Hmmm, the Moon is besieged by Neptune and Pluto. Circumstances that’s totally outside of the person’s control.

Moon has separated from:

  • A conjunction from the South Node in 8th – relived an old patterns or unfinished business relating to illness or daily work routine / burnout
  • A square to Jupiter in Scorpio in 5th – some difficulty or delay involving travelling, a middle aged foreigner involving pleasure, fun.
  • Before that, a sextile to Mercury, stationery in 5th
  • A square to Mars in Scorpio in 4th.

Moon is applying:

  • By sextile to Uranus in 10th – frustration, tension at work, freedom to effect a radical change. Or something unexpected and sudden. Happens easily.
  • By sextile to Venus in Sagittarius in 5th – not combust as in a different sign from the Sun but under the Sun beams. Venus is weakened. A lover, charmer, woman. Or arts/something beautiful that gives pleasure. Venus receives the Moon in its term. Happens easily and with effort.




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