When Will I Meet the One?

Mercury conjunct the 10th. Mercury is in detriment. Querent can’t express herself very well when it comes to relationships. Coupled with Saturn, it could suggest that she communicates in an authoritative manner (which she agrees with) which might put off some of her suitors. As Mercury is slowing down to station, her finances and/or communication is on the verge of a change.

Mars is in the 7th. This makes perfect sense which was why she asked the question in the first place. Mars is in its fall suggesting that she’s a go-getter, aggressive, action-oriented person but she’s unable to do when it comes to relationships. Or she’s expected to behave in a manner that’s uncomfortable for her. [Note: I don’t use quincunx in horaries. However, interestingly, Mars quincunx Chiron in 12th suggesting that there’s a hidden wound. The querent later on revealed that she hasn’t moved on from her previous partner and hopes that the latter will return one day.

Look at the first house. The moon separated from Uranus by conjunction. Uranus represents separation, stress or excitability. She told me that she was separated from her partner about 2 years ago. Moon next applies to Saturn and Mercury which don’t rule the 7th. There’s no translation or collection that brings Mars/Moon to Venus/Jupiter/7th house cusp.

What about Jupiter in 7th? Jupiter rules the 8th and 9th. She has not moved on from her ex who is overseas.

Hmmm, it looks like it’s best for the querent to be patient and wait until Mars changed sign to Scorpio and to work on her communication style before there’s a change in situation.


when will I meet the love of my life

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