Sun-Neptune Transit

This is a short transit maybe lasting 1 to 3 days. The Sun represents the self. When self comes into contact with Neptune, various things could “happen”. Neptune dissolves boundaries. The boundaries of the self are soften, allowing impressions from the environment to enter self. Depending on how a person is accustomed to the Neptunian energies, it could be a time of inspiration, increased sensitivity to all or any kinds of “vibes”, increased compassion, being more giving or confusion.

Remember though, Neptune is ego denying as its energy is to transcend the self, the limitations of the human body, mind, emotions, the drudgery of everyday routine life, etc. This could translate into a sense of psychological weariness and inability to cope with the world. It’s as if you want to escape from yourself, reality and go to lala land or neverland. It comes as no surprise if you feel that you need time out from work, people, activities that you used to enjoy, etc.

Suggestions to use this/these day(s) include:

  • Meditation, me-time, writing in your reflection blog/journal
  • Make this world a better place or save the world by helping others, volunteer in a soup kitchen, etc
  • Engage with art, music, something creative like acting, something watery e.g. hotsprings (which fit into the symbolism of Sun and Neptune) or steam room, hot bath
  • Daydream, write in your dream journal


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