Note on Learning (Horary) Astrology

For readers who are into the horary posts, as you already probably know, I only started to learn horary astrology this year. As such, there are infinite holes and mistakes in my analysis and judgment. Therefore, as you have already probably done, read the horary post with huge pinches of salt. Or better still, pick at the holes to show that you know your stuff.

I recalled a particular teleconference with my team and the client in my previous accounting employment. There were 3 of us in a telephone booth for the call. One of them is a financial instruments (wow, that sounds really complicated eh?) specialist. When he talked, my head swarmed. He makes complicated concepts even more complex.

Often times, I felt the same when it comes to learning astrology. It’s such a steep steep learning curve, unless you spread it over 10, 20 years. Once you have learnt the concepts, you practise it 500, 1000, 5000, etc times until you gain mastery over it. Come to think of it, that’s not unlike other professions or acquisition of other skills.


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