Pluto in 5th

Pluto is known as the god of the underworld. Pause for a minute and revel in that. God of the underworld. It’s a big big deal isn’t it. What do you know about the underworld? I know very little of it despite reading or hearing the stories of it. It’s shrouded in mystery. It’s a different universe. A place that we don’t naturally gravitate to or generally talk about, compared to e.g. heavens. 

  • So, pleasure, children, self-expression are likely to be big ticket items in your life even though you might not always understand why. They are potent forces in your life.
  • Surely being the god of the underworld is very potent stuff. So you might desire to be a VIP, to be powerful, to control a world, an empire. But according to Arroyo, the desires of your ego are likely to be thwarted. Instead, it’s better to do something important as part of your leisure, self-expression to transform the world.
  • The underworld is dark, deep, mysterious and scary although it is really another essential facet of the “universe”. So, you are likely to be into serious and intense forms of play, leisure and recreation which might be seen as weird, underground, taboo to the mainstream public. Perhaps, your children/child might be seen by others as hush-hush e.g. the bastard child, the gay dad with an adopted son.
  • The little I know of the underworld is that the souls of dead people go through it and gets assigned their lot and gets reborn again. So, there is the potential to regenerate something that’s dead, long gone, damaged into something else. Perhaps it’s your creativity, self-expression, children and hobbies that have transformative abilities. To bring about a change which leads to improved conditions although undergoing the change is likely to be tough.
  • The underworld is hidden, below the surface, a place where few go to of their own accord. That resembles our subconscious, buried emotions, the side of us that we are not normally conscious about. There might be a fixation, an obsession towards seeking pleasure, expressing yourself, children, activities that involve an element of risk. Perhaps it’s also through those where we begin to understand more of ourselves.
  • Pluto reminds me of the tale of the abduction of Persephone against her will. They consummated their relationship. Pluto rules the genitals and sexuality. Therefore, pleasure, recreation, leisure, hobbies could come from sex, masturbation, eroticism and things associated with them. Perhaps role-playing might appeal to those with Pluto in 5th. A theoretical possibility is that child abusers or pedophilia is associated with Pluto in 5th although I think there needs to be other configurations and more research is needed to confirm that.

The above is just a start to the exploration of Pluto. Surely you can go even deeper than what I have done.

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