Making Use of the Sun

Let’s use the Sun to plan every year of our life.¬†

First thing first, where’s the Sun in our birth chart? Say it’s in the 2nd for Mr Forbes. His life direction, life journey revolves around his personal resources and values.¬†Assuming his whole life is structured about that, what does Mr Forbes do each year to be further on his life path?

We look at the location of the Sun in the solar return (SR). Here’s an example, SR Sun is in the 10th. His career, future, social status or even his mother are involved on his life journey towards personal resources and values this year. Another example – SR Sun is in the 8th this year. There’s a transformation of some sort relating to his personal resources and values this year.

That’s the big picture on a yearly basis. The SR Sun is the annual goal, focus towards the life goal of 2nd in say Aquarius for Mr Forbes. Stuck for ideas for new year resolutions? Look to the SR Sun for the year! So, Mr Forbes has a year to realise his e.g. 10th house goal this year. There’s a cycle to realising this annual goal (to be further fleshed out at a later time):

  • Transiting Sun square natal Sun (waxing) (3 months after your birthday): it’s time to work your ass off to realise your goals. You might be tested and challenged to see whether you have what it takes to realise your annual goal.
  • Transiting Sun opposite natal Sun (6 months after your birthday): the first blossoming or harvest of the goal.
  • Transiting Sun square natal Sun (waning) (9 months after your birthday): the second blossoming or harvest of he goal, based on what has been achieved during the opposition. Requires work and action too.
  • Transiting Sun sextile natal Sun (waning) (2 months before your next birthday): a time to get ready for the next cycle. Some people experience the impending SR Sun as early as 3 months before it happens. This makes sense.
  • Transiting Sun semisextile natal Sun (waning) (1 month before your next birthday): a time of germination. Things are happening in the background. A time of wrapping up things that aren’t constructive towards realisation of your next SR goal.

Plot out your annual cycle. Do you see any pattern?

P.S.1: Now, the above is the canvas. We can go deeper using lunar returns (LR) if we want to to organise each month or more accurately the 13 months in the SR year. Which makes sense actually. The Moon is a partner in crime with the Sun. They work hand in hand together.

P.S.2: It does make me think of the role of transits, progressions, other planetary returns in the grand scheme of things. That’s for another post.

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