12th House

If the 12th house represents what is hidden (literally or figuratively). If a person has Chiron in Taurus in her 12th house, say for example, she could have a hidden physical wound. Or a physical “wound” that she might not be aware of. Case in point, I had a client who has exactly that configuration. It turned out that she has been holding her body, more specifically, her neck and shoulders inappropriately for the past 20 years. Most recently, she had horrible back pains and visited a physiotherapist for the first time in her life. She discovered for the first time, how she has been holding her body which culminated in the excruciating pains that she felt this year.

Let your imagination roam. Have you any planets in the 12th house? Can you discover or uncover what they are? Incidentally, the 8th and 4th house have this similar theme of something being hidden too.


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