Will We Get Married?

Sun and Saturn – Sun conjuncts Neptune and sextiles Pluto before squaring Saturn. Doesn’t look good. Sun has to go through two modern malefics before it reaches Saturn. Even if we disregard Pluto and Saturn, Sun applies to Saturn by square. There’s lots of effort and challenges involved. Saturn doesn’t receive the Sun in any reception too. It’s unlikely the matter will come to pass. What about Moon and Saturn? (more…)

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Sun-Mars Transit

Whoopee! The Sun is transiting opposite to my natal Mars today. I feel fantastic! Hyper-energetic! Definitely more energy than usual. I even went for a run willingly in the wintry weather (I’m lazy to go for runs during summers, so…). It’s amazing to feel a natural sense of energy and drive within me. I’m looking forward to other of such days now i.e. transiting Sun conjunct, opposition, square, trine and sextile Mars. You know what, I might even see if the “minor” aspects make a difference to my physical vitality! (more…)

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Which Health Insurance to Switch to?

The private health insurance landscape in Ireland is mental. There are over 325 plans available. It can be very tough and downright confusing to figure out which one best meets your objectives. Paddy visited me recently, expressing his dismay at the increase in his 2018 health insurance premium of €150 by his current health insurer, Irish Life. He’s keen to switch to another plan that provides coverage in semi-private room in a private hospital. He had two plans in mind – Laya Healthcare Precision 600 and Precision 450, the former being his preference. (more…)

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