Transiting Jupiter Trine MC

Mr Regus had a transiting Jupiter trine MC in Pisces on 7 November. Using a one degree orb, Jupiter kicks in on 3 November and ends on 12 November.

Regus’s career, future indeed looked rosier during this time period:

  • A newspaper published a very positive piece on him on 4 November
  • He had a musical performance and talk on 7 November after a hiatus which was very well received
  • He finished a communications training on 11 November. The training is an integral piece of the puzzle relating to his future
  • He started trading in a market fair for the first time on 12 November (see notes below. Natally,  MC ruler aspects Mercury which represents trade and commerce)
  • He started a group and the first meeting was on 2 November. However, this is slightly out of the 1 degree orb.

Looking at the above events, it feels that

  • Communication is a key theme for him – the natal MC co-ruler is Jupiter which aspects Mercury
  • There’s manifestation or accomplishment of some kind – natal MC co-ruleraspects Saturn
  • Almost inevitably, something new took place – natal MC co-ruler aspects Mars

Interesting, you could say that Neptune, the co-ruler of natal MC sort of describes the events:

  • Natal Venus in 3rd aspects Neptune – there’s favourable or pleasing news, communications
  • Natal Pluto in 5th aspects Neptune – something involving serious and deep recreational interests
  • Natal Chiron in 12th aspects Neptune – a teacher or guide in spirituality, healing of being alone, feeling trapped.

I found it incredible that a single hit of transiting Jupiter on MC could lead to such an obvious string of events for Mr Regus.

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