Moon in Air Signs

What does it mean to feel? Is it to have “feelings” of happiness, sadness, grief, etc. Emotional feelings?

Mostly interestingly and unexpectedly, Oxford online dictionary defines the verb “feel” as “Experience (an emotion or sensation)”.

I would like to suggest that to feel is to react, to respond instinctually. When one feels, it’s almost as if the “feelings” is from the wells of the soul. It’s unconscious. It’s what one does naturally.

When natal Moon is in air signs, the person “feels” by thinking. Someone with Moon in Libra told me that when she woke up in the morning and realised that she was violated at night, she reacted by thinking about what had happened, the consequences and the action plan. She said that was her instinctual reaction. She didn’t “feel” per se. Now, that’s an extreme example but one that illustrates the concept very well.

How do you feel?

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