Sun-Chiron Aspects

Chiron = wound

Sun = the conscious self, the self that shines, masculine principle, individuality, vitality and purpose, creativity, father

Sun as the Conscious Self, individuality

  • Unskilful: If the self is wounded for whatever reason, its sense of its ability to shine is inhibited. We may discount our own worth and feel despair and envy. This could lead to us promoting others interests, fostering their talents and self-expression so that they shine instead. Perhaps, in doing so, we bask in their glory and enjoy the limelight. Even if we don’t do such a thing and indeed shine in our individuality, our ability to recognise and enjoy it may be limited because of the wound.
  • Skilful: Having a natural ability to confirm other people’s sense of self, which may be the very thing we cannot initially experience within ourselves

Sun as the Masculinity Principle

For women who are more in touch with their Moon, the Sun is what they are striving towards, to integrate the masculine dimension within them. When that is wounded, they might seek to live vicariously their Sun through men or “masculine” lesbians. It is like projecting their Sun onto the masculine person that they are in a relationship with. This may suggest that the sense of identity, purpose and achievement is gained from the relationship rather than within themselves.

Projecting the image of hero, saviour or healer on to a man they follow.

Sun as the Father

The father may be perceived as:

  • A spiritual mentor, guru and guide. Wise and fostering individual growth
  • A source of wound to the person; weak, wounded, impotent, ill; rejection of the father as he is felt to be painful

The Potential, the Positive

The growth theme is to discover and be aware of our deeper and authentic self.

Origins of the wound

Maybe in childhood, we did not receive validation for our individuality, uniqueness, creativity, especially from our parents. In response of that:

  • We¬†might camouflage our true self to gain acceptance by them. So that we feel wanted.
  • Or because of our hunger and craving for attention, we might go our way out to shine brilliant so as to be the center of attention. We want the attention to fall on us and revolves around us. To the extent of being narcissistic.





Melanie Reinhart, Chiron and the Healing Journey

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