Hexagram 43-2

Question: Will my upcoming permit, which is expiring, be renewed successfully?

Insight: Hexagram 43-2, transforming into hexagram 49.

Jou interestingly translated hexagram 43 as Decision as the question clearly revolves around a decision of the authority. Wilhelm translated it as breakthrough or resoluteness.

I like Wilhelm’s translation of the decision which stays pretty close to King Wen’s interpretation of the hexagram in Mandarin:

Breakthrough. One must resolutely make the matter known
At the court of the king.
It must be announced truthfully. Danger.
It is necessary to notify one’s own city.
It does not further to resort to arms.
It furthers one to undertake something.

There are some translations that use the word “howling”. Goodness. Why would there be howling at the court of the king? I suddenly recalled TV serials involving the ancient Chinese court. Almostly inevitably, commoners would seek the audience of the king to elicit his help regarding some injustice in his village or town. The commoners would be wailing and beseech the mercy and assistance of the king. Perhaps that’s the origin of “howling” in some translations.

What’s interesting in King Wen’s interpretation is that “It does not further to resort to arms.” Weapons, literal or figurative ones, aren’t useful to advance one’s cause.

43-2 states

A cry of alarm.
Arms at evening and at night.
Fear nothing.

Thank God that the querent obtained the 2nd changing line. Out of the 6 changing lines, four of them are considered unfortunate. Jou notes “There is no danger when there is preparedness.” Indeed, when one is seeking the audience of the king, he has to be prepared to present his case. Huang notes “One at this place (2nd) is able to mold his firmness with gentleness and temper his strength with wisdom. When eliminating the evil, he is able to be on guard against his opponent’s attack and does not take any reckless action.” Again the message is to use a soft approach rather than take an attacking or Martian stance.

The outcome is hexagram 49, revolution. Interestingly, Huang notes that “In the 34 gua of the Lower Canon, only this gua is bestowed with the most auspicious blessing of “Supremely prosperous and smooth. Favourable to be steadfast and upright.” The Lower Canon starts from hexagram 34 to 64. More importantly, hexagram 49 comprises fire at the bottom and lake at the top. Fire moves upwards while lake downwards. Both eliminate each other in the process, suggesting an erase of the old situation to make space for the new to come.

Answer: The querent is advised to be prepared for the renewal application and appeal to the goodness of the authority where appropriate. A tough stance to demand his way wouldn’t be constructive towards having his permit renewed.



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