Fixed Stars – Powerful Stuff

“The Fixed Stares give great gifts and Elevate even from Poverty to an extreame height of Fortune, the Seven Planets do not so.” William Lily, Christian Astrology

I came across the above statement yesterday. Wow. Very strong words indeed, that fixed stars can elevate a person from poverty to extreme fortunes. Brings to my mind an election chart where the key planets are debilitated and the show must go on asap. Perhaps one or two significant fixed stars can save the day! Or more specifically, I’m thinking or rather hoping that fixed stars when used appropriately can “overwrite” a poor person. Not sure whether this is possible.

Olivia Barclay states the uses of fixed stars:

  • Fixed stars were used for the foundation of buildings or towns.
  • Dee used Regulus in the chart for the Coronation of Elizabeth I
  • Flamsteed used it for establishing Greenwich.
  • Malefic stars were conspicuous at the launch of the Titanic (e.g. conjunction of Mars and Scheat in the launch chart for the Titanic)

Isn’t the subject of fixed stars so fascinating!!




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