Hexagram 51-1

A woman contacted for a consultation. The voice didn’t give me me a good vibe. Reeks of Saturn or Capricorn. Later on, I learned that she is a practising medium, clairvoyant, astrology writer, etc. Why would she want a consultation from me, who has less years of experience than her?

I consulted the I Ching on whether to proceed with the appointment. It returned Hexagram 51 with the first line moving.

Hexagram 51 is translated into thunder, taking action, the arousing, etc. I suppose that makes sense as I was in shock after discovering the identity of the person (it’s a long story but I didn’t snoop around). And there’s the element of fear (like I sometimes feel when the sky is roaring) and consequently, whether to take action, whether to go ahead with it or not. Looks like I Ching understands my situation.

First moving line: “Shock comes – oh, oh! Then follow laughing words – ha, ha! Good fortune.

Hmmm, I suppose the shock was unfounded. Well, according to I Ching anyway. There might be laughter during the consultation. Most interesting, Huang wrote “If one can be alert about past lessons, good fortune will follow. The gua says that if preventive measures or action against possible trouble are taken, one will be free from mistake.” So, the laughter or success is not a done deal. Indeed, there’s no done deal in life. So Huang’s words are a good reminder to proceed cautiously and carefully in dealing with the new client before expecting success.

The transformed hexagram is 16, enthusiasm, delight, repose. This sounds promising. The hexagram comprises thunder over earth. Imagining that, it’s a rather grand image. Conjures power and influence to my mind. Thunder represents action while Earth submission. Submission to action. Yang and Yin.

Based on the above, I have decided not to cancel the appointment.

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