Managing Transits

Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Mars in 4th. The person with this transit works from home and can’t get much work done at work. She’s suffocating at home. She wonders whether to rent an office space. Thankfully, her transit has ended.

I was thinking that had she realised earlier that transiting Saturn was sitting on her natal Mars in 4th, she could have rent a (shared) office space during the transit and perhaps be more productive outside of home. Of course, you could argue that she’s likely to experience Saturn conjunct Mars wherever she is. But perhaps it’s at home that she’s likely to experience it more than anywhere else.

Food for thought. I used to wonder why there’s not much focus in remedies in modern western astrology as compared to say Vedic astrology where there’s the use of crystals, meditation, etc. It occurred to me that creativity and ingenuity might be more useful actually, as illustrated in the example above.

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