A Look at Saturn

What is the Principle of Saturn?

Saturn limits and restricts.

Where Does a Person Experience Saturn?

Depending on your perspective, life may exist on various planes. One way of dividing life is into these four planes and the corresponding dimension of a human being:

  • Physical plane – our physical body
  • Astral – our feelings and emotions
  • Mental – our mind
  • Spiritual – our intuition

This limitation and restriction can “happen” on any of the above four planes although most people are probably more familiar with the limiting effect on the physical plane. When material occurrences with a tangible and physical form are restricted, they slow down and may even stop. For some people who are used to a certain flow in their physical life, this may lead to a sense of frustration, hindrance or struggle. For example, when the principle of Saturn is being applied to the human body, the body slows down over time, slowing down the bodily organs and functions over time and eventually slowing them down completely that ends in death. For some people who are used to quick movement or movement with ease and flow, the slowing of the human body can be a source of frustration or hindrance.

I’m of the view that the energies of the 12 zodiac signs are within us, just as we have the capacity to experience all 12 areas of our life, astrologically speaking. Some of the zodiac energies and areas of life are more prevalent and dominant in our lives than others. However, these “latent” energies and areas of life will eventually seek expression in one way or other at some point in your life, if they haven’t already.

I will explore the principle of Saturn on the various planes in other posts. Keep a look out for them.

How to Work With Saturn?

Imagine with me. You are walking from A to C. You have to pass through point B1 which is blocked. What do you do? You may turn back, sideways, up or down to get to C. In other words, the expression of your feelings must be expressed via another channel (B2, B3, B4, etc).

Growth comes with awareness, coming to terms with that which has been blocked within you, accept your experiences as something that is necessary for growth, learn from it, restructure your blockages and hopefully prevent them from reoccurring in the future. It’s a personal choice as to how you work with your blockages and limitations.

Stories on Working With Saturn

Capricorn, the mountain goat, whose lower body is that of sea creature. The mountain goat is primarily a land-based creature. But it is equally capable of traversing the seas and oceans if there’s a need for it to do so.

The roman god Janus, god of gateways. It’s impossible to look at both faces at the same time, suggesting that a choice has to be made.







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