Will There Be Paying Customers Today?

Question: Will there be paying customers at the shop today?

Answer: Sadly, no.

paying customers today retail sales

Analysis: The chart is radical as the Sun sign of the querent is Cancer. Moon is in the 9th. She’s a metaphysical practitioner, Ignore the asterisk labelled 3 as it’s a fixed star that’s not relevant for horaries.

Monies come from customers. Pluto is sitting on her customers. Her customers are hidden, away from sight, or are going through some tough times (which usually describes her blend of customers).
Client’s monies is presented by Lord 8, Saturn. Querent is represented by the Moon. Querent’s pocket is represented by the Sun. Sun is in Libra – hmmm, Sally isn’t making much money is she? Sun is next to Vindemiatrix, the star of Widowhood. This isn’t a question on marriage or relationships. But the star has that weeping quality to it. A sense of regret that things didn’t turn out well. Poor Sally.

Moon, Lord 1, and Saturn – Moon has to pass through Neptune, Venus and Mars before it perfects Saturn. So, no go really.

Sun, Lord 2, and Saturn – Sun has to pass through Pluto before Saturn. So, no go again. Yes, Saturn loves the Sun as the former exalts in the latter. Even if that’s the case, it’s a case of delay and/or difficulty as the applying aspect is a square.

Other thoughts: Neptune is sitting on MC. Maybe Sally’s customers are confused about her reputation or what she’s offering. Perhaps it might make sense for her to communicate, spread the word around regarding what she does (North Node conjunct 3rd).

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