Will I Make Money Today?

The Question
Suzie runs a retail shop. She’s debating whether to go in to work today, Sunday. She will need to spend 3.5 hours in total on commuting to the shop and there’s the cost of transport to consider too.

The Advice
No. It’s advised that she stays at home as it’s unlikely that she will make money today.

Update Today, Suppertime
Suzie has chosen to ignore my advice. She had no customers today.

make money today

The Analysis
Ascendant is 4 degrees. Not too early. Moon sits on the 3rd house cusp, suggesting that she’s thinking of the commute to the store. Interestingly, south node sits on the 3rd house as well, suggesting that the routine travel to work isn’t the most beneficial for her.

Saturn is in the 1st house. It rules the 2nd and 3rd – money, and work where she works and routine travels. Saturn is not dignified so it’s malefic. Suzie’s facing some limitation in terms of money, travelling and her workplace.

Now, revenue for Suzie has to come from clients. Do we consider the ruler of the 7th and/or the 8th (client’s money). Since the money has to come from clients, surely it makes sense to look at the 7th house? Lord 7 is Mercury which is in combustion. The clients which will generate money for Suzie is being burned. They can’t be seen in the public or at the store (Mercury conjunct 10th). Also, fixed star Alycone is near the Descendant. There’s regret regarding Suzie’s clients. Things will not work out well.

Perhaps, there’s no need to look at Lord 8 given the state of the 7th. But let’s have a look anyway. Lord 8 is Moon. It is making applying aspects to Saturn in 1st, Uranus on 5th and then finally Jupiter on 11th (Lord 1). Suzie’s client monies i.e. Lord 8 is prevented from coming into contact with Suzie.
There’s just too much things going on – there’s delay or difficulty relating to the client’s money, followed by an unexpected/sudden something to the money before it finally arrives in Suzie’s pockets. BUT, from the preceding paragraph, it’s clear that Suzie’s customers most probably won’t show up on her doorstep.

So, no. It’s better for Suzie to stay at home.

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