Rising Pluto in Solar Return

I had a client, Mr Stoker, who completed his Cancer treatments last year and he’s “clear”. His concern is whether there might be a remission for the next 5 years. I ought to have a horary chart for that as it seems to be deeply rooted question for him. But I didn’t for whatever reason. I looked at his solar return (SR) chart for the coming year.

There’s rising Pluto on his Ascendant, within 4 degrees albeit below the horizon. Pluto could represent death or uncovering what is hidden within the body (1st house). I was rather concerned and with a poker face advised him to be extra vigilant on his medical checkups next year.

BUT, let’s explore Pluto imaginatively – above all, it represents transformations, deep intense emotions. Let’s add another layer of meaning to Mr Stoker’s SR Ascendant. It is found in the natal 4th house. Perhaps it’s transformation in the home and family. And there’s Uranus in his SR 4th house too. Mr Stoker asked what does “family” include. Does it include the extended family as well? I said no but on hindsight it ought to be yes as the 4th house represents our roots, lineage and even our ancestors. So, the 4th house is most likely to include the extended family, uncle, cousins, etc in modern astrology anyway.

Mr Stoker then mentioned about his father who is over 90 years old. On hindsight, the 4th house represents the father in traditional astrology! Very concretely, perhaps there’s grief relating to the death of his father in this SR year. But that’s a very concrete or close-ended interpretation.


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