Venus/Mar in Leo – Back Fetish

I wrote a piece on knee fetish. And it occurred to me – why not search for the seemingly improbable? Even if I’m not into something doesn’t mean that it’s not hot for someone else.

I decided to explore the back, especially the upper back and shoulders this time, which are represented by Leo. So when Venus/Mars is in Leo, it could suggest an attraction to the upper back and shoulders.

A search for “back” fetish on google revealed the following:

From the Student Room

I have a back fetish is anyone else like this?

Not a fetish but I do love backs. Not just any back though. It can’t be particularly hairy, and you have to be able to see some sort of definition. I love giving back massages

A girl recently admitted to me that she had a thing for backs (admittedly I ripped her for it at the time :p: ) so it would appear you’re not alone.

I also like running my hand from her lower back to her neck, she reeeally like thats. I love nicely defined backs and they can look sooo sexy when she’s wearing nothing else.

I like men’s back, something about seeing the notches of their spine and he curve of it.
Oh yuuum! nail scratch worthy

I have a fetish for guys backs and shoulder!! They’re just so sexy…

I have a back fetish

I love backs when you can see a guy’s muscles and shoulders blades. It shows off his strength.

Having your back stroked is just…

Shoulder blades r so hot when they are moved around. Also I think its really hot when a woman arches her back. The spine looks so deep. And the shoulder blades almost touch.

Omg I thought I was alone on this one and I knew I wasn’t… I definitely have a back fetish like pictures of peoples backs are just more interesting to me then face pictures… It just seems more interesting to idk

Omg I been looking for someone out there that has this…. I knew I wasn’t alone

From Girls Ask Guys

i think the sexiest physical part of a man is his back. there’s something so primal about grabbing a mans back. it’s so sexy. I don’t know.. sometimes I just wanna grab a guys back and feel it tenderly and run my hands up and down it. the guy I currently like has a hot back, I just wanna massage him. some people get hot from hair an feet, but my fetish is backs. I mean just imagining having sex and digging my hands into his back and running my hands down it is so hot.

I like to dig mi nails and slide it down his back.

I also have a back fetish! There’s just something about it! I just love giving them a massage and stroking their back it just makes me feel happy!

There you go. Not my fetish or what turns me on. But different strokes for different folks.



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