Contact With the Dead

A person asked for a general reading. He then blurted out that he would like to know whether there will be contact with someone from the past. I asked him whether it’s a romantic person, etc. He said it’s someone who has passed on and whether I could get in touch with the person. I replied that it’s not something that’s within my specialties.

I decide to have a look at the chart when he posed the question anyway.

First thing first – it’s a late ascendant. It’s too late to be asking the question. Presumably because the quesited is not of this earth. The querent, Lord 1, Saturn is in the 11th house or turned 4th from the 8th – I chose the 8th to represent the quesited as it’s so packed.

So, the deceased is either a friend of his or a family member or simply that he is living/staying at the decreased home. The Moon is in the 9th or turned 2nd. The person is either concerned with the decreased’s money or possessions or simply he has a need to seek a learned person (9th).

Mars in Virgo is almost smacked on the 8th house cusp. So, Mars is shouting at me. Mars rules the 9th house or turned 2nd. The previous themes are reiterated. Or in modern astrology, his drive and energy is focused on the dead, but not for long as Mars is entering in Libra next, where it will be debilitated.

Venus is in its sign in the 8th. So, there’s love, money, young woman involved and there’s weeping involved (fixed star Vindemiatrix conjuncts Venus).

What else about the deceased? There’s a philosophy/belief (Jupiter) of communicating (Mercury) with the dead.

What’s interesting is that there’s no aspects between Saturn and Lord 8 – Mercury nor between Moon and Mercury. This is hardly surprising. Unless the querent meets the spirit of the deceased.

Hmmm, heavy stuff.




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