The Link Between Qigong & Astrology

Qi means life-force, air while Gong means work, skill. That reminds me of Sun-Saturn. Perhaps practising qi gong is like what happens during a Saturn-Sun transit. 

Based on my limited experiences with qi gong, I find this ancient art tough – it requires discipline and effort. It’s not the most intuitive and comfortable thing to do for me anyway. Perhaps this is not surprising as I don’t have a Sun-Saturn aspect natally. Granted that there are different qi gong techniques and schools, etc. The ones that I have doing involves repetitions of certain movements – the Eight Brocades. I also practise standing qi gong or “Zhuan Zhuang”. This requires me to stand in a position and hold certain hold positions for extended period of time i.e. up to 20 minutes.

My practice of qi gong feels like Saturn-Sun transit: I’m “stuck” in one place, not moving. But I’m “moving” internally. By consciously breathing and relaxing, there’s quite a lot of “movement” inside me. As I progress further in my practice, I will employ visualisation techniques as well. So, the mind “moves” as well. I’m still but there’s lots of activity within me.

I remembered a traditional chinese medicine practitioner description of one’s body while practising qi gong – the body (or is it bones) is like clothes line. The flesh is like clothes hanging on the bones. By keeping the flesh and body relaxed, you allow qi to flow uninterruptedly in the body. Somehow, I connect the foregoing description with Saturn-Sun – your life force, vitality is flowing within the structure or confines of Saturn. By conserving energy, you are actually increasing and building up on your energy reserve. So it is the same with Saturn-Sun transits or progressions. You may be stuck in a spot, not moving. But there are great benefits to it if you just know how to utilise the energies. It’s temporary (just like practising qi gong only takes up a small portion of your daily life) and you end up in a stronger position after it. During a Saturn-Sun transit, you are focusing and concentrating on a few things. Just like in qi gong, I will be focusing on relaxing, breathing and visualisation – not a lot of “things” to do but it’s essential to do them well.

Perhaps during a Saturn-Sun transit, especially Saturn oppose Sun, you might not get up to much. That’s fine. Do the few things you need to do well. It might initially feel very uncomfortable, just like in a noob practising qi gong, and your body might resist against it, just like others opposing you during the transit. But that’s part of the process.

So yeah, it might be a good idea to take up qi gong or yoga during a Saturn-Sun transit.




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