The Doors of Opportunities Are Opening!

Hurry, open the doors of personal growth, expansion and opportunities while the doors are still there!

From today until early Nov 2018, you might feel expansive, a sense of freedom, seek meaning of life and urged to expand into new areas of experiences into the following areas of your life:

Aries: Transformations, deep and hidden emotional self, joint/shared resources, other people’s money, intimate and bonding sex

Taurus: One-to-one relationships, marriage, partnership, legal matters, known people who oppose you

Gemini: Everyday life, health practices, service to others, daily (work) routine

Cancer: Romance, activities that allow for creative self-expression, children, anything pleasurable including recreational sex

Leo: Home, family, roots, your past, parents, private self

Virgo: Communication, thoughts, learning of key skills, place(s) where you work and live, routine travelling

Libra: Personal resources including your personal finances, talents, self-esteem, possessions

Scorpio: Your body, your appearances, your own wants, needs and desires

Sagittarius: Spirituality, me-time, growing out of any unhelpful behaviours or thought patterns, charity, care for those in need

Capricorn: Your hopes and wishes, friends, groups, groups that advance society

Aquarius: Profession, parent, your future, life path, people with authority over you

Pisces: Beliefs, philosophy in life, experiences that broaden your mental horizon e.g. studying, travelling, people from a different background to yours


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