How Many Paying Customers Will Show Up Today?

Question: How many paying customers will show up today?

Will I have many paying customers today

Answer: Lord 8 is Venus in Virgo, a barren sign. Your customers won’t have much money.

Moon represents querent as Venus is already taken up as Lord 8. Moon conjuncts the cusp of the 8th house. Yes, the querent’s mind is on the client’s money.

Moon makes an applying trine to Venus. Money will come easily to querent, though it’s not much but it will come easily and quickly. The aspect perfects in 22 degree 45 arc. The Moon moves 3 degree 27 arc to complete the aspect. Or in 3 hours 27 minutes which 12:33pm (question was asked at 9:06am). Update: a customer walked in at about 12:45pm.

Before that, Moon is making an applying trine to Mars in Virgo which perfects in 20 degree 56 arc. The Moon moves 1 degree 36 arc to complete the aspect. Or at 10:42am (question was asked at 9:06am). Update: 2 customers who had booked an appointment for 11am came in at about 10:55am.

Other Updates:

A customer walked in at about 3:20pm. This customer isn’t accounted for by the aspects above. Why could explain it then? Uranus conjunct Descendant? There’s an element of unpredictability with customers. A wild card.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant. Jupiter isn’t debilitated or anything. Although it might in peregrine (I don’t have my table of rulerships, face and terms with me now). So, there’s some luck in relation to this question.

Saturn conjunct 3rd house cusp. The clients were all very tight lipped today. Not much input which drove the querent crazy.




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