Orbs in Transits

You know when an outer planet transits a natal planet/point, there could be 3 hits or more due to potential retrogrades.

Now to now, I have thinking of the middle “hits” as a culmination or climax of the outer planets energies. Or in my crude words, when “all hell breaks loose”.

I have been giving prominence to the date of the middle hit(s) or the dates surrounding that. Until I was awaken to the idea that the date or dates around the middle hit(s) actually may not correspond to any actual “event” or “events” within or without. Instead, a transit should be viewed holistically, from the start to its finish and practically, timing of events is best to be given in months.

To derive a more precise timing, transits needs to be refined by some timing mechanism e.g. full/new moons, transits of inner planet(s), etc.

A good lesson that’s re-learnt and consolidated.

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