Venus in Virgo

In traditional astrology, when Venus is in Virgo, it’s considered to be in her fall. Modern psychological astrology preaches the virtues of having a balanced view and perspective on a configuration. So, Venus in Virgo has its merits – a practical approach to love, loves to be helpful, etc.

But I realised that it’s actually much easier for “negative” dimension of a planet in its fall or detriment to be manifested in reality. For instance, I had a client who has Venus in Virgo conjunct the cusp of the 3rd house of communication. I first described the potential manifestation of it: a love for communication, exacting, analytical style of communication, etc. They don’t resonate with the client. Uh oh. I tried the other direction – critical style of communication. He started to nod his head. At that instance, I intuited that quite a lot of people around him don’t really enjoy conversations with him. Hmmmm. I told him that his words, although they might be seen as critical by others, are actually helpful in nature.

It seems that perhaps it takes quite a lot of conscious effort to manifest the positive energies of a debilitated or fallen planet.



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