Context of a Person and the 7th House

Context, context, context. Remember the context of the client that you are doing a reading for. For example, a client asked about her child – whether there’s anything to take note of. Well, Pluto ruled her child’s turned 11th house. Hopes and wishes don’t seem appropriate for a child so I suggested that maybe there’s a change in her child’s friends. My client retorted that her child is only 2 years old. What friends am I speaking about? Uh oh. Do not assume… Astrologers ain’t psychics. Ask for the age of the child. Remember Ruperti’s chapter two “The Age Factor” in his book “Cycles of Becoming”. Every interpretation should be seen in the context of age. E.g. when a progressed Sun changed sign for a client when he/she was two years old, you hardly think that your client has the mental, emotional, physical or even spiritual capacity to appreciate the shift in his/her inner self when the progression took place. And almost certainly, it would be foolish for an astrologer to go into length on the transformation in his life direction, creativity, etc at 2 years old when the client is in his/her 50 years. Unless you are a psychoanalyst and would like to use hypnosis to have the your client recall the significant events when he/she was 2 years old.

7th house represents law, relationships, marriage, etc. It only dawned on me today that for a married person, the 7th house could actually represent the person’s spouse/partner in predictive astrology! So when an outer planet crosses over the Descendant in a solar return chart, the energies of that outer planet could describe what a client’s partner is/will be going through! More so when Neptune co-rules the 7th house!

Of course, it’s much safer to describe 7th house as “any significant relationship of yours, including your husband/wife/partner”. Note to self.



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