When Will I Meet the Love of My Life?

I had a few women/men who asked me “When will I meet the love of my life?” These men/women inevitably had a few relationships in their life and had left one recently or some time ago. For quite a few of them, when they posed the above question, the Ascendant of the horary chart is rather late i.e. 28 or 29 degrees. The traditional way of interpreting a late Ascendant is that “it’s too late to say” and no judgement can be passed. Unless the late Ascendant falls into one of the angles/planets/luminary of the querent.

I have wondered why “it’s too late”. Then it struck me that for these people, they have already met the love of their life, were in a relationship with them and have left the relationship for whatever reason. I suppose these people who came to me came with a certain expectation – consciously or not, they hope to find another person that would bring back all the wonderful times that they have had in the past with the love of their life. I suppose the reality is that it’s really difficult to find another love of one’s life if you had one before. Because you would tend to compare, measure or judge another love interest based on your past love(s), which may pale in comparison.



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