Venus in 11th – Venus Returns

I was ecstatic when I read Brady state in her book Predictive Astrology “The Venus return is very handy to help answer the question of: ‘When will I find a relationship?'” Yipee. I can finally give a “definitive” answer to my clients when they ask when will they meet the love of their life, without having to use horary charts which almost always have a late rising Ascendant.  (more…)

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Astrological Forecasting Without Birth Time

Forecasting without a birth time is like an eagle or a lark with its wing(s) clipped. The bird cannot fly, can’t soar in the sky to view earth’s magnificent beauty. Or more accurately, the bird can’t have a complete view of earth as it does when it’s up in the sky. (more…)

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Rising Pluto in Solar Return

I had a client, Mr Stoker, who completed his Cancer treatments last year and he’s “clear”. His concern is whether there might be a remission for the next 5 years. I ought to have a horary chart for that as it seems to be deeply rooted question for him. But I didn’t for whatever reason. I looked at his solar return (SR) chart for the coming year. (more…)

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Timing in Solar Returns

A timing technique in solar returns (SR) is to check for conjunctions of transiting outer planet against SR angles. Usually, that is done during the period of the SR. I have found that you can check for the conjunctions up to 2.5 months before the period of the SR. I don’t think there’s a fixed rule on how far back to look. But 2.5 months certainly worked for me and my clients.  (more…)

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