Potential for Fame and Acclaim

I’m almost certain that there are rules within traditional astrology that predicts the potential fame of a person. I haven’t learnt or come across how to go about doing that using modern astrological concepts.

How about I try to see if I can derive a set of considerations to determine the potential fame of someone? Please note that this is purely speculative on my part and does not profess to be valid and/or accurate.

  1. Firstly, it reasons that the potential for fame of a person is higher if the MC ruler is above the horizon i.e. houses 7 to 12th as the planet/luminary is visible and can be seen by others.
  2. Point 1 is qualified by the MC ruler being in the 12th house. 12th house is the house of the “hidden” or the house of self-undoing. So, that does not translate well into fame, I suspect. But you can argue that the 12th house represents the human race, mankind. So there is potential for universal acclaim for the person with MC ruler in 12th although the 12th energies can be challenging to manifest properly. I recalled reading about some prominent politicians with significant 12th house placement – I will research more on this. Or, MC in 12th can simply indicate that the person works in a hospital, with large animals, multinational organisations, something related to healing.
  3. Point 1 is qualified by the MC ruler being in the 8th house. Like the 12th house, the 8th house is a water house. The natural modern ruler is Pluto which has a hidden quality to it, or a quality of being under the surface – like an iceberg where a significant proportion of it is hidden under the surface of the ocean. So, I’m surmising that MC ruler in 8th isn’t particularly conducive towards fame.
  4. I suspect that relocation may have an influence on a person’s fame since relocation shifts the natal angles and houses to something else.

Let’s apply the above postulations to celebrities in the entertainment industry, using the Placidus house system:

  • Jim Carrey: MC in Leo. MC ruler is Sun in 3rd. Regulus and Uranus conjuncts MC.
  • Charles Chaplin: MC in Leo. MC ruler is Sun in 6th. Regulus conjuncts MC by 6 degrees – this is too “loose” for my liking
  • Cher: MC in Pisces. MC ruler is Jupiter in 4th conjunct Spica by 5 degrees (too loose for my liking). Or Neptune in 4th (for the modern astrology camp) conjuncts Vindemiatrix by about 3 degrees. The fixed star is associated with divorce, separation or overstretching of oneself. Ok. She did have a divorce with Sonny.
  • Kurt Cobain: MC in Gemini. Mercury in 6th conjunct Descendant very tightly. Mercury opposes Pluto on Ascendant very tightly. Remind me – I will examine the aspects to MC and to MC ruler another time.
  • Sean Connery: MC in Scorpio. Mars in 6th or Pluto in 7th.
  • David Copperfield: MC in Gemini. Mercury in 1st, conjunct by Vindemiatrix by about 2 degrees. Yes, he’s divorced from Claudia Schiffer. I came across this article “David Coppperfield discusses hospitalisation, brush with death and more“. You could say that he has a reputation for overextending himself, in line with the symbolism of Vindemiatrix.
  • Miles David: MC in Aquarius. Saturn in 6th. Uranus in 11th. Jupiter in 10th.
  • Leonard DiCaprio: MC in Cancer. Moon in 1st. Saturn in 10th.
  • Robert Downey. Jr.: MC in Taurus. Venus in Aries in 9th. 2 degrees applying to Sun. Hmmm. According to traditional astrology, his MC ruler is debilitated and in combustion. And yet he’s so famous? Hmmmm. Moon in Taurus (exalted) and Jupiter in Taurus in 10th.

Preliminary conclusion as at 26 Sep 2017: my postulations do not stand, which is good news! Back to the drawing board.


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