The World of Crystal Healing

Okay, I’m getting into crystal healing from an astrological perspective. The book that I have chosen to initiate me into the field is “Stars and Stones: An Astro-Magical Lapidary” by Peter Stockinger.

Here’s the key concept of crystal healing in the book:

A planet can be assessed as essentially dignified or debilitated. A debilitated planet in one’s birth chart represents a lack of this particular planet’s pure essence or a corrupt form of it. To counteract this particular debility, it is advisable to wear a crystal that relates to the planet. If we look at the Neo-Platonic chain of being, we will find that the essence of a gemstone, metal or plant is essentially purer than the person’s debilitated planet. By surrounding the afflicted person with the appropriate gemstone, planets and the corresponding metal, the pure essence will have a beneficial effect by purifying the corruption.

When I read about the use of gemstones in Verdic astrology on the web, it gets confusing very quickly. For instance,

  • According to a blog of a certified Vedic astrologer, if any debilitated planet rules the 6th, 8th, or 12th house in a birth chart, a stone should not wear because it will only activate the bad house. This seems to contradict the advice given by Stockinger in “Case Study B – Linda” on pages 111 to 115 where he advised Linda to wear a gemstone associated with Mars for her debilitated Mars which rules the 6th house and is located in the 12th house.
  • According to Veno, a Vedic astrologer of nearly three decades, “Gemstones carry very powerful vibrations and should only be used to strengthen the Ascendant lord, or the benefic planets/lords in the chart. Strengthening malefic planets/lords will certainly strengthen the planet’s energies, but will encourage their malefic influences as well.” However, the webpage goes on to list gemstones to “strengthen” Mars and Saturn.
  • A Vedic astrologer, Ryan Kurczak mentioned on astrologyweekly that “For gemstones to work, aside from having a strong Mars in the chart, …” This suggests that crystal healing wouldn’t work well for a person with a “weak” or debilitated Mars in their birth chart. Hmmm.

What does Michael Gienger in his book “Crystal Power, Crystal Healing” say?

The effects of the mineral can be used to dissolve a blockage within the corresponding lifestyle and you will then become free to handle your life consciously. The mineral works according to the homeopathic principle, ‘Like heals like’.

There’s definitely different school of thoughts when it comes to crystal healing. I wonder which one would be an effective school to start with? How about listening to your intuition?



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