Pluto-Venus Transits

Sally asked “Will my husband return to me?” Sally’s going through a Pluto sesquiquadrate Venus right now, amongst others. Pluto-Venus transit suggests a transformation in the relationship. It uncovers what might be buried – unhappiness, sexual issues, grumblings relating to the marriage. There’s nothing in the transit to conclusively suggest that her marriage is over, well at least in psychological astrology anyway, where I wouldn’t give Sally a straight answer to her question.

But what about clients who believe in fate and destiny and that they can’t do anything to change it? Hmmm, do I rationalise that the belief of “can’t do anything to change a relationship” and the consequent action of not doing anything leads to a certain outcome, which might be an outcome deemed positive to e.g. Sally?

P.S.: It’s not just marriage issues that’s “befallen” onto Sally. She’s experiencing monetary woes too. Although it appears that her values are still intact as of now.

P.P.S.: Horary astrology and I Ching say yes to Sally’s question. Although there’s a Uranus-Venus transit next year for Sally.

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