Our Inner Evolution / Progressions

Changes are constant. The ancient Chinese book “I Ching” is known as the book of changes. It is the nature of most living things to change. A seed contains the potential to change from a seedling to flowering, to bearing fruits before it dies off.

Human beings change too. It seems that there’s an internal calendar or clock within us that’s scheduled to run changes. Some examples come into mind: my friend who shifted her focus from fun and work to wanting to become a mother. I who originally intended to move to a new city/country every 2 years but decided to settle down and put in roots in Ireland recently. A client who suddenly wishes to find someone to settle down with after years of being happily single.

According to astrology, there’s a way to check our internal clock of evolution or unfolding of our potential. It is called progressions. I suppose you can dismiss it as hocus pocus but I have inevitably found it being able to explain my and my clients’ changes in our lives. In other words, this technique works!

I suggest an exploration of your internal clock in the following order. However, there’s really no right or wrong way to go about your inner exploration.

  • Your progressed Sun 
  • Your progressed Chart Ruler(s) i.e. the planet(s) ruling the sign of your natal Ascendant
  • Your progressed angles i.e. Ascendant and Midheaven if you have an accurate time of birth. Note: progressed DSC and IC are the mirror image of ASC and MC respectively, so when you are considering progressed ASC and MC, you take into account their corresponding effect on DSC and IC as well
  • Any progressed planets changing directions i.e. retrograde or direct
  • Your progressed lunar phase
  • Your progressed Moon
  • Any other progressed planets that you are interested in, e.g. progressed Venus for your personal unfolding in relationships (and values, money, aesthetic taste), progressed Mars for the maturation process of your self-assertion, anger and even sexual drive

I will be writing separate posts on each of the above items. Watch out for them.

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