Should I Return to Employment This/Next Year?

Scott asked whether it’s advisable for him to return to employment this or next year. He has been pursuing his dream for nearly a year now but the income from it is unstable and his future is uncertain.

He casted hexagram 32 with changing lines 1 and 4. Approached hexagram is 11.

Using Jou’s method, the answer is no. Here’s the analysis:

  • Hexagram 32 comprise of Wood above and wood below. The bottom wood represents the querent.
  • The mutual hexagram is 43 which comprised Lake above and Heaven below.
  • The approached hexagram is 11, comprising of Earth above and Heaven below.
  • If the querent was to return to employment, there would be stability initially, which is what he seeks.
  • In the intermediate term, he might find it rather unpleasant.
  • In the future, he would be sustained by the employment e.g. salary or wages, balanced with perhaps finding being employed tedious.
  • On the whole, it seems that there’s more cons than pros to return to employment. And that is assuming that he can get through the intermediate future which could be challenging to him.

Is the above method congruent with reading King Wen’s interpretation of the hexagram and the Duke of Zhou’s interpretation of the moving lines? Let’s have a look using the Wilhelm/Baynes translation.

Hexagram 32 is called Duration. The judgement is

Duration. Success. No blame.
Perseverance furthers.
It furthers one to have somewhere to go.

Well, Scott is looking from some form of stability and permanency by return to employment. So hexagram 32, duration seems to describe his question.

What’s the advice given?

Initial six: Seeking duration too hastily brings misfortune persistently. Nothing that would further.
Fourth nine: No game in the field.

Scott said that he has felt the compulsion to return to employment on and off over the previous months. The urge comes and goes. So the text of initial six seems to describe him “seeking duration too hastily”. He said that he has applied to numerous positions few months ago but he wasn’t successful. Perhaps there’s no openings for him even if he does apply for other roles now, as indicated by fourth nine.

What’s a likely outcome from not returning to employment? It’s hexagram 11:

Peace. The small departs,
The great approaches.
Good fortune. Success.

Sounds like a rather good outcome to me.




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