Sun in 12th – Solar Returns

This is a great opportunity and time to:

  • Rest and recuperate. Conservation of energy. You can’t expect to be at the top of your game if you have been charging and fighting battles for a long time, can you?
  • Synthesize all that you have learnt. Form connections. Join the dots that you have to form pictures
  • Have your me-time. Reflect on how your life have been. Are there any aspects of it, especially involving any unconscious behaviour and thoughts, that you can improve on?
  • Delve into spiritual practices, e.g. mindfulness, meditation to e.g. be in touch with the soul and spirit of the world
  • Take the backseat, lay out your plans and prepare for them to be realised in the next solar return year. Or as my buddy, Hugo, say “lie low” and don’t attract any attention. Essentially, wait it out if you have to
  • Let go of what has not worked in your life. It’s like a wash disher tablet. It has to disintegrate before its “good” is released. Trust that whatever doesn’t work out is for a better future
  • Do something to make the world a better place. Volunteer in soup kitchens, give of yourself to those in need and the less fortunate
  • Change your usual approach to life – instead of charging ahead or persisting in something, try a flexible, behind the scenes, indirect, etc approach.


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