A New Start / Progressed New Moon

A progressed new moon promises a new start in life. The nature of this new beginning can be deciphered from its sign, the natal house location, and zodiac degree for those who are into Sabian symbols and have an accurate time of birth.

Bits of the past, whatever is left of it, might still linger in one’s life on the commencement of the progressed new moon phase. The new start doesn’t immediately “shift gears”. It’s like a woman who left her native country for another country to escape from her recently failed relationship. When she first arrived in the new country, it’s almost inevitable that she brought along physical and emotional baggages from the country that she had left.  So it is with life – despite new environments, new starts in anything, the past follows us. After all, the past is part of us.

As with all things, there’s no certainty as to the eventual outcome of this new commencement in life. Using the analogy of a seed, a progressed new moon is like a seed that is being soiled. It has the potential to grow, flower and bear fruit with nurture, time and effort. Equally, the seed could remain dormant and nothing comes out of it. This could arise when a person stubbornly clings on to the remnants of the past and rejects new experiences of any kind. Or the seed could grow to a certain height and not reach the flowering stage. This is possible when a person works on his/her plans for years and gives up on them halfway.

Look at your nearest progressed new moon. What sign and natal house (and sign) is it in? Does it paint a general picture of the years that had gone or the years to come?


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