Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon

I wonder whether a man with Mars-Moon aspect or a woman with Venus-Moon (and perhaps even Mars-Moon) likes to wank off daily? Or it could be a man with Mars in Cancer and a Venus in Cancer (and Mars in Cancer) for the lasses. 

Reason being the Moon represents our unconscious self, our daily habits and routines which can be instinctive, our source of emotional comfort. Mars in men and possibly women and Venus in women can represent our sexual urge and drive. So when we pair the two up together, we can get:

  • Daily sex, masturbation
  • Sex, masturbation as a source of emotional comfort, especially when things go wrong and you need some reassurance i.e. nurturing, nourishment
  • Instinctive feelings about sex

And certainly, we can go longer and deeper in the interpretations, e.g. sex involving the chest/breasts, sex as part of growing up/childhood, which I won’t delve into.


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