Can I Trust Him?

I am corresponding with a man who gives me an uneasy vibe. Can I trust this person?

can I trust him?

Yes. I can trust him although it might be too early to say so. I want to be careful when dealing with him as he may need more help than I can provide to him.

Here’s pure speculation on what is happening to him: He’s thinking of something that’s of grief to him. Or there’s a message, correspondence of a distressing situation. Alternatively, there might be an impending divorce. [Quesited is represented by the 7th house which is ruled by the Sun. Sun is in its sign and angular. Moon which is my co-signifactor is in combustion although it’s separating from the Sun.

Mars sits on the cusp of the 7th, shouting for attention. Mars rules his 3rd and 8th houses, suggesting words/thoughts and grief. Or it could represent a young or angry man. Or divorce is sitting on him. If that is a possibility, the Sun is making an applying opposition to the Part of Divorce in less than a degree’s time away before conjuncting with Mars. The Part of Divorce is ruled by Saturn which represents the man’s partner.]

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