Change Your Physical Appearance By Relocating

I have a conjecture that you can change your physical apperance or at least change people’s perception of your appearance for better or worse when you move to a new city/country. Here’s a case study:

Senorita Amorita’s natal ascendant is Virgo and her chart ruler is Mercury in Sagittarius. So we expect her to look youngish, of mid-height and slim. Let’s qualify those characteristics by considering:

  • the majority dignities of the sign of the chart ruler. Jupiter is in its sign and triplicity as it’s a night chart. Let’s add some age and height and size to her
  • the ruler of the chart ruler: Jupiter. Let’s add more age and height and size to her
  • tight aspects to chart ruler. There’s none.

So, potentially Amorita would be of an above average height and size for her race. She would describe herself as big in her home country.

Amorita then moved overseas and underwent a massive transformation. She lost over 25 kgs or 55 pounds and has maintained it for years up to now. You could say that her new environment and lifestyle led to the weight loss. However, I wonder if the weight loss is somehow effected so that she can fit into the relocated Ascendent and chart ruler of the new place? Let’s have a look.

Her relocated Ascendent is Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn in Libra. Her basic characteristics would be tall and slim for her race. This is qualified by:

  • the major dignities of Libra: Saturn is exalted and in the triplicity (due to the time zone difference, the relocated chart becomes a day chart) in Libra. So, she would be taller and slimmer.
  • the ruler of the chart ruler which is Venus. So, she would be less tall, slim and soft-bodied. And pretty too.
  • tight aspects to Saturn: Jupiter in Libra. So, let’s add some height and weight to her which will be pleasing and attractive as Jupiter is in Libra.

So potentially, Amorita would be slightly taller and of an average weight for her race in the new city/country. And she would be (seen as) prettier too due to the Venus influence which wasn’t present in her home country. Interestingly, after her massive weight loss, she did fit into the description of her chart ruler.

As I have mentioned, I’m just conjecturing on the effects of relocation on one’s physical apperance. When I have enough samples, I will turn that into a hypothesis! As for now, whether you believe in relocation astrology or not, it’s safe to say that Amorita is thrilled with her new look and life. !Viva la vida!



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