What Time is it??? & Body Types

A client called yesterday and explained his situation to me. I panicked briefly. What time is it? Usually my laptop is switched on when a client calls me. But yesterday was the exception. I don’t have my watch nearby (who wears them nowadays. Oh my god! I’m going to get a pocket watch! … once I make enough money that is).

I started the computer to look at the time while the client continued to talk. Ok, the screen is up. It’s 2:18pm. We had been talking for some time since I understood his question. So, maybe the question was born at about 2:15pm or 2:16pm. I hardly think a minute would make a difference. That is until the chart was generated.

Hmmm. The questioned asked relates to his child. At 2:15pm, Jupiter would signify his son while the planet would change to Saturn at 2:16pm. Which one would it be? I suppose I have to ask him to describe his son to me. If his son is somewhat short to biggish in height, biggish in build, somewhat fleshy and soft-bodied [Jupiter is in 14 degrees Libra. Jupiter is in its term], his son would be Jupiter. If however, his son is tall and slimmish, somewhat fleshy and having a darker complexion and/or hair [Saturn is in 23 degrees Sagittarius. It is in its term and face], then Saturn is the planet.

It turned out that his son is represented by Saturn based on his description. So, the client’s question was born and delivered at 2:16pm or the last few seconds of 2:15pm.

Who would have thought that a few seconds would make such a difference? It’s fortunate that we could describe the general build of a person using astrology! Lesson learnt: keep a watch around you. Or better still, wear it.


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