Friday, 16 June 2017

The Eeriness of Tarot

10 swords tarot

Often times, I find it helpful to do a past-present-future tarot reading to obtain messages to meditate on for the current and coming week. I did that last week. The card that was shown in the future position, i.e. for this week, was 3 swords. Most of you would agree with me that the image of 3 swords or actually most of the cards in the sword suite have the ability to strike nervousness within you. Anyhow, when I saw 3 swords, I thought to myself that some things are just not meant to be, there's no point in persisting in what's not mine. Let go and move on.

Today, I wondered what message shall I meditate on for this coming week? I did another past-present-future reading. As I was doing the reading, I was thinking to myself, if tarot is "right", the card representing the present position should be the same as last week's card in the future position. 

Blimey! I didn't get a 3 Swords in the present position for this week's reading but I got a 10 Swords instead. In my mind, both of these cards expressed the same energy and mean the same thing to me. What's also interesting is that the card in the past position for today's reading is 9 Swords which described last week to a T.

I don't doubt the ability of the tarot to draw insights for us. But when the cards do show themselves, I'm taken back at their ability to do so.