Venus Straight Ahead!

Mary (a fictitious name) was born with her Venus in retrograde. When she was about 33 years old, she got married and joined a financial trading firm the previous year. She hadn’t been working previously. Hence, her stint with the trading firm definitely improved her financial situation.

The next year, progressed Venus turned direct. She said that her self-esteem was at an all-time high during that year. Which naturally brought around a change in how she relates to others.

Due to the uncertainty of her birth time, which is quoted to the hour, it might be the case where progressed Venus actually turned direct in the previous year and could have culminated in her marriage, her new job and her improved finances and self-esteem.

Perhaps, a look at her natal chart may provide us with more information on the progressed Venus. Natally, Venus opposes Saturn in Libra in 5th. Saturn conjuncts Neptune in 5th as well. Venus also conjuncts Mars in Taurus by a somewhat wide orb of about 8 degrees.

The natal Saturn suggests her life structure, long term ambitions, feelings of material security are involved when progressed Venus turned direct. Indeed, she went from being a domestic engineer at home to an analyst/trader in a firm. It’s apt that Saturn is in the 5th house of speculation and trading as well. The opposition suggests that it’s a decision that she took. However, given that it’s a decision that she had to make, she could have decided to do something different, e.g. set up a school for children which fits into the symbolism well too.

Neptune’s involvement suggests that things are not what they seem. In fact, Mary wasn’t employed by the firm as she’s not able to under the employment laws of the country. She was a contractor/consultant and was not paid a salary. This was to circumvent or abide by the law.

Mars could mean that a change to her motivation, drive and an increased clarity on what she wants. Mary told me that that year in her life was certainly exciting and she was excited about her new life then. Could an angry man be involved as well? Possibly as she told me that her husband wasn’t particularly pleased about her new “job” as his original intention was for Mary to stay at home. But the anger might not be obvious as the natal Mars is in the 12th house of secrecy and behind the scenes.



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