Shit Happens

When Kenny (fictitious name) was born, his Pluto was in retrograde. Before he is 49 years old, progressed Pluto turned direct – I did not ask him what happened that time. At 49 years old, progressed Pluto conjunct natal Pluto and he’s in hell. His business of 20 years collapsed. His partner of 17 years left him on the same day he wound up his business.

How’s Kenny’s Pluto in his natal chart, which I don’t have his time of birth? Pluto trines his Sun, sesquiquadrates his Venus and quincunxes his Saturn. Pluto conjuncts Uranus as well.

Therefore, when progressed Pluto conjuncts his natal Pluto, it has a very direct and immediate effect on himself, his vitality, his conscious purpose in life given the trine to the Sun. This describes him – he’s dejected and feeling hopeless and he felt that there’s nothing to live for.

Venus is involved as a theme too. As mentioned earlier, his (female) partner left him. His personal finances are destroyed. His personal values that have sustained him for years have collasped. It also seemed that his partner had wanted to leave him for some time but finally did it when his business failed. This fits in with the nature of a sesquiquadrate.

The natal Saturn represents his entire life structure, his long-term ambitions and feelings of material security. From my initial paragraph, you can see that the Saturian themes are involved during the progression. There’s a sense of release, of letting go of his structure and material security which describes a quincunx.

The natal Uranus suggests that the events that “happened to” him (or he happened to the events) are sudden, unexpected and definitely disruptive.

I truly emphatise with and feel for Kenny. I hope he continues to hang on and step into his new world.


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