Is the Reading Going Ahead?

I had this customer who called me for a phone reading. It’s scheduled for tomorrow. He hasn’t paid me yet despite two text messages that I sent him yesterday and today. Great! I get some time off. I wanted to confirm that the reading is definitely not going ahead tomorrow. Here’s the chart.

is the reading going on tomorrow horary

I am signified by Venus in 22 degrees Taurus in 8th house and perhaps the Moon. The supposed client is signified by Mars in Cancer in 10th.

Venus is in its own sign and in its triplicity so yes, I’m strong and attractive. Yeah. I’m in the 8th house – the house of other people’s money or more precisely, the client’s money (2nd from 7th)  which I have communicated to him! Yeah baby, this chart describes the situation. However, Mars is in the deteriment of Taurus which suggest that I dislike this person as he could have just replied to me that he has changed his mind which I would be perfectly cool about.

Let’s do a bit of side analysis. What’s his impressions of me? Mars is in 10th house or turned 4th. He’s probably at home with someone due to the conjunction with Mercury – possibly a work colleague which rules his turned 6th and turned 10th houses. Mars is in the face of Venus. Just a face – which suggests that he just has only a tiny weeny slight preference for me as an astrologer. That’s perfectly understandable as he probably found me on the web and hasn’t interacted with me much. But something is better than nothing.

So, is the reading going ahead? Is there any aspect between Mars and Venus – no, and Mars and Moon, which represents the reading – yes, but after perfecting an applying sextile to the Sun, Mercury and finally Mars? The Moon is in peregrine so it feels like it has hardly much strength to overcome the preventing Sun and Mercury even though they are not exactly that strong too. This feels like too much work on the Moon before it meets Mars or Lord 7. The reading is not happening! Blah. This is hardly a surprise, is it?


No, the reading is not going ahead tomorrow.

Post-mortem on 29 June 2017

The reading did not go ahead.




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