An Observation on Relocated Charts

relocated charts acg

My sister commented “Whenever you are in Singapore, you will be thinking about money.” I thought about her words and thought about those past times when I was back to Singapore. She’s right. Everytime when I’m back to Singapore, money would occupy every inch of my cerebrum. However, when I’m back to Ireland, those thoughts of money would gradually vanish into nada-ness.

And the truth reveals itself – my natal Sun in Singapore is in the 2nd house of personal resources including money, self-esteem, values. In Ireland, it’s in the 7th house of relationships. So, it stands to reason that when I relocate to Singapore, the Sun shifts from the 7th to the 2nd. Therefore, my conscious focus, purpose and direction in life shifts to the matters represented by the 2nd house.

I hate to be a “slave” to astrology, always using astrology to explain life but it just seems to “work” for me. I wasn’t even using astrology to explain my circumstances as the starting point but almost always on hindsight.

My journey with astrology continues.


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