The Perfect Partner … in Your Dreams!

I have a buddy who has been telling me about his girlfriends over the years, about how they failed to meet the mark and things that I shalln’t repeat here. I have never really thought further about his adventures until our recent get-together and reading of his chart. Then it hit me – his Venus is in Virgo!

Virgo – the sign of perfection. My buddy has exceedingly high expectations of a woman. He “rates” each of his girlfriend based on an internal metric system. Virgo is also the sign of purity which he expects his girlfriends to be. erhmm, to be chaste. Put another way, the sign Virgo focuses on analysis of the fine details, or you can call it being exacting. However, expressed negatively, Virgo can express itself as being overly critical and nitpicky.

I’m not slamming my dear friend. Absolutely not. I told him that his romantic standards seem to be out of this world and may only exist in fairy tales and perhaps be more practical and realistic about what a woman or any human being is – imperfect.


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