Oh Blimey!

Saturn has been transiting in my seventh house for quite some time now. I have been steadily preparing myself for any work that’s required for relationships although I have absolutely no qualms about working on relationships – possibly as my Descendant ruler conjuncts Saturn anyway.

But Saturn hasn’t “struck” yet and it’s moving to the 8th house soon. The past 2.5 years didn’t feel “bad” at all and I’m not a relationship expert if you know what I mean. So, what am I missing?

Oh Blimey! Saturn is transiting in my relocated 12th house instead! That explains it. Yes, I do look at relocation charts but I must admit that I haven’t been looking at mine in the context of transits except for the lookout for the location of the planets in the new place – Ireland to get a sense of the dynamics of my Irish life.

So, Pluto is transiting in my 1st. And conjunct my relocated ASC in Jan 2014 when I started my new job in Ireland, hit the relocated ASC in July 2014 during its retrograde, and hit it for a final time in November 2014. Certainly, there was huge transformation within me in 2014. Everyday literally felt like a struggle for survival at work, I had to dig deep within me and discover resources that I never knew existed within me. And come to think of it, I was more assured of my personal power after the transit. Yes, there were some power struggle that year too. Can I also say that Neptune was transiting my natal MC during 2014…? I will spare you the details of the memorable 2014.

For the relocated birds including myself, look at both the natal chart and the relocated chart for transits!


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