Advice on quitting my job

I asked the I Ching today “Is it advisable for me to quit my job to focus on hocus pocus in the grand scheme of things?”

It answered with hexagram 21  “Eradicating” with a second and moving moving line. The transformed gua is hexagram 41 “Decreasing”. The initial gua “Eradicating” describes my present situation or the nature of the question which is remove, get rid of i.e.eradicate my job. The mutual/inner gua, which is to obtain further insight into the present situation is, Hexagram 39 “Hardship” or “Obstruction”. Both words do describe my present situation. I consider my work as a form of hardship and wish for it to go away. My work can also be considered as a form of obstruction toward me spending time on hocus pocus.

Based on my understanding, moving lines 2 and 4 suggest that it’s not wrong or fine to quit my job. If that suggestion is followed, the transformed gua is hexagram 41 “Decreasing” or “Loss”. Now this is true. If I were to quit my job, I would most certainly lose my salary. Or it can simply just mean that I decrease my time on a job, which is also the case.

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